Your business image is a reflection of your
    professionalism. Now is the time to improve your
    website and marketing pieces with an updated
    portrait designed by Sorrells Signature Portraits.
        We use only professional equipment and lighting
    techniques to create a dynamic image that captures your
    style and personality. Our expert facial analysis will
    highlight your best features, and professional retouching
    will take care of any other necessary

Studio Session $210


                A variety of poses will be photographed and presented for your immediate review. Your
            favorite pose will be color corrected, cropped and retouched.
               Digital files will be provided for your marketing pieces, website and social networking needs.
            Files will be e-mailed upon completion. A preview of the retouched file can be sent in advance
            for your approval if necessary. Turn around time ranges from 2 to 5 business days.  

Black & White Conversions $15

             color to bw
  There is more than one way to make a black and white image, and they all will show
            different results. When a color image with nice, rich skin tones is simply dropped to black
            and white, it can result in a muddy, flat look. The skin tones can appear darker than desired,
            and result in poor reproductions.
                We can provide you with a properly converted file that has the optimal contrast values for
            both viewing and reproduction. We will do additional artwork as needed to even out and
            lighten the skin tones, resulting in a natural look. You will receive additional files from this
            version, for both print reproduction and viewing.   


Special Retouching Services

  Mather before and after 
                Many of our customers request artwork that would not be considered standard. Our
            skilled artists have had many years of experience retouching faces for a flawless, natural
            look. Our most common requests are for adjustments for uneven eyes. In a photograph, things
            you would never ordinarily notice can be a big distraction, and the eyes are the main feature
            of the portrait.
clothing corrections
                We also make adjustments on suit jackets, smooth out wrinkles, straighten out neckties,
            remove stray hairs, reduce double chins, take out glass glare and much more. Changes to the
            background can also be done, giving you a different look that will add versatility to a collection
            of images. Rather than have the same picture used on all your marketing pieces, showing a
            little variety can help you from looking stale.

                Ordering additional poses from one portrait session makes sense because you don’t have
            to come back again for another visit. It saves you money, because there is no additional
            session fee.
                If you would like to know more about your image and session options, please let us know
            and we can provide you with a full list of all options and prices.